10 thoughts on “Playing with my kids my funny birds🥰🥰🥰

  1. Hola como estas bien besoooo yo mirian de argentina enviar respuesta gracias los estraño mucho 😉😢

  2. Aww 🥰Jojo and Titi, nice playtime on the couch with Daddy ❤️
    33:42 Daddy might need 🥱some coffee before work ☕️😊.

  3. Ooh yes, those divine creatures are so cute and so funny, I have an African Grey
    and it's oh god, he talks a lot , he eats everything. But, people, I feel very very sad becouse had a so beautiful Australian Dove too and the African Grey
    bitten her and die,,one month ago so I miss so much my mamita was her name. It's so sad, she was beautiful my
    Princes. I love yours my friend, they beautiful

  4. I LOVE you, Joseph! With all my heart. And miss you! I love you all! Wish you could get out some and enjoy yourselves for all of your sake. Restrictions are lifting with caution here in the USA… We are getting out and about. How about Canada? XXX 000 Oh, thought you were face timing with the boys mom at the end of the video. NO? It is time! Joseph said At: 33:33 "A BAD BIRD". " At: 33:45 "A BAD BIRD OVER THERE". LOL!

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