Reflecting Nature: Creating the Wall of Birds

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It takes a big painting to do justice to the phenomenal history and diversity of birds. It also takes an artistic process that is as much about the science as it is about the aesthetics. Get a behind-the-scenes view of how artist Jane Kim brought all 270 species to life on this ambitious natural history mural in this short film narrated by Cornell Lab of Ornithology Director John Fitzpatrick.

To view the mural up close, see this interactive web based version of the mural at

For information about visiting the Lab and seeing the mural in person, check here:

See other work by Jane Kim and Inkdwell Studios at

Filmed and edited by Karen Rodriguez
Music by Poddington Bear
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Reflecting Nature: Creating the Wall of Birds

10 thoughts on “Reflecting Nature: Creating the Wall of Birds

  1. Imagine this surviving for like 10k+ years and then being discovered as some kind of rosetta stone of the future.

  2. Accuray and artistry worthy goals— a talented science illustrator. Really appreciate how the birds are in situ on the map. Understandable why extinct animals were included. Yet the evolutional connection is the fictional element of this mural. 🦉

  3. Love the discussion at 8:27 about "science and art" coming together to create our beautiful world…

  4. "You can see the mural in person at the Lab's Visitor's Center"

  5. I agree with everyone's comments before mine, but I additionally would love to know where the overalls came from lol. They are great!

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