Seal Pup Waves To Photographer + Other Amazing Animal Encounters | The Dodo Top 5

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Here are some once in a lifetime animal encounters – some happening in people’s own yards! What’s been your favorite animal encounter – tell us in the comments below!

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Seal Pup Waves at Photographer

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Seal Pup Waves To Photographer + Other Amazing Animal Encounters | The Dodo Top 5

10 thoughts on “Seal Pup Waves To Photographer + Other Amazing Animal Encounters | The Dodo Top 5

  1. Here’s a cute story (this is real): One time I was coming home and when I look on the steps to the door what I saw was so cute! It was…a baby bird! We saw the baby then picked him up. I can’t remember what happened next because this happened a very long time ago!

    Here’s a funny story (this is real as well!): So I was late to school and my mom was driving me to school. When the car suddenly stopped I looked why the car stopped and what I saw is just so strange…it was a rooster and a chicken! When I got to school surprisingly a lot of people believed me!

    Lesson: even the craziest story’s can be true!

  2. My parents who live in Chicago where I am from (I now live in Florida) decided to buy a nice home to have here so they can come spend more time down here with me (awesome parents) and the owners told us they had a goose friend who likes to visit sometimes. Nobody told me that. My parents live in Chicago most of the time so I watch the house for them once a week for maintenance. Every time I go there there is a black goose that comes straight to the back door to say hello and ask for treats. He then patrols the back pond and sits under the tree outside our back door. He loves my cat cuz the previous owners had cats. He’s so cute and he lets me pet him too. I call him Jeff and he’s the coolest goose ever

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