Skipping Lorikeet: The Rain Dance Parrot

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My pretty Loki the Rainbow Lorikeet skips and runs around at the sound of water =’) It’s like he’s doing a rain dance ritual, it’s so funny.
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Skipping Lorikeet: The Rain Dance Parrot

10 thoughts on “Skipping Lorikeet: The Rain Dance Parrot

  1. I remember watching Loki a few years ago & I had to come back and watch this little cutie again. It's positively criminal this video doesn't have a million plus views by now. Loki is so adorable!

  2. I wonder the process of disliking this video. I mean.. how?
    "Argghhh I hate those fuckin cute birds dancing to pouring water. Disgusting"

  3. Why do they all do this? Does it have to be this one breed or will all parakeets do it? Lol

  4. If you can get two of them to hop around a bowl while pouring water into it, legend has it that you can summons demons. (One is not enough.)

  5. How can a lil bird be so happy for such a simple thing as pouring water in a glass? 🙂 Reminds me of babies who laugh when you rip a piece of paper

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