Surprising New Aviary || Exotic Birds Breeding Progress Update 2022

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This video is about Surprising New Aviary || Exotic Birds Breeding Progress Update 2022
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○ Baby Parrot Talking Learning time

Always follow the doctor’s advice
Hand Feeding Food details
Petslife Hand Feeding Formula:
Baby Bird Medicine :
1. Neopeptine drops for babies.
2. Himalaya Bonnisan drops.
3. Nor Metrogyl Suspension.
Adult Bird Medicine:
1. Vita-Boost:
2. Heat Stress:
3. Combo Pack:
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10 thoughts on “Surprising New Aviary || Exotic Birds Breeding Progress Update 2022

  1. Hello Sir,
    My Baby Parrot is 44 days old. He always keeps biting everything around him. What should I do?
    Also please let me know what can I feed him for a healthy growth?
    Currently I feed him Channa Sattu 3 times a day

  2. We really need your help! I have been the owner of an Amazon parrot for seven years. The bird is young. Three months ago, she started having cramps in her left leg. The bird screams in pain. Attacks everyday. Unfortunately, we do not have good doctors. Maybe these symptoms are familiar to you? I don't know how to help my friend..

  3. Sir mera baby bird 40 days ka ho gaya hai kya ab bhi mujhe box m rkhna chahiye ya fan k neeche rkh sakte hai

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