The Traveling Bird Feeder – Relax With Squirrels & Birds ( 1 Hour )

Funny Birds Video Information:

Relax with wild animals for one hour, and listen to the calming sound of singing birds.
Perfect cat & dog tv. 

In this series, we roam about in Norwegian nature with a mobile bird feeder ( a sled filled with delicious nuts, seeds & fruit ),  feeding  all the animals that would like to taste the food we provide.

Perfect background tv when you work or study, as birdsong may improve concentration. It is also perfect tv for dogs, cats, birds and other pets to watch. 

Species in this episode:

00:00 Location 1
On sled : Coal tit, Eurasian blue tit, Great tit, Red squirrel, Eurasian bullfinch, Great spotted woodpecker
Environment: European greenfinch

15:36 Location 2
On sled: Great tit, Coal tit, Eurasian blue tit, Eurasian jay, Great spotted woodpecker
Environment: Eurasian bullfinch, Red squirrel, Common redpoll

38:41 Location 3
On sled: Great tit, Eurasian bullfinch,  Eurasian blue tit, Willow tit, Coal tit, Eurasian nuthatch, Eurasian jay
Environment: Great spotted woodpecker,  European greenfinch

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10 thoughts on “The Traveling Bird Feeder – Relax With Squirrels & Birds ( 1 Hour )

  1. A new episode of The Traveling Bird Feeder available 🎬🐿

  2. This was really interesting to see all the different birds of Norway. Even the squirrels are different from the ones here in the USA. Thank you for posting this, but may I suggest not using the fake soundtrack over top next time? The natural sounds of the birds coming in for a landing, wings fluttering, and the like are plenty – a more realistic sound would be appreciated.

    Thank you again for posting, and for providing meals for the animals. (Consider cutting up the fruit next time – not as beautiful, perhaps, but the birds will definitely appreciate it! And the moisture from the juicy apples would come in handy in the dry winters, too.)

  3. What kind of bird could actually lift up those coconuts it would have to be a European or African swallow.

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