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Cute Cats Video Information:

🐱 In a live broadcast from the Alfonz Úmonín cat shelter we will introduce you to the cats and kittens looking for a new home. Do you want to help the cats even if you can’t take one home? You can donate to cat account number 115-1472150247 / 0100. More information about the various forms of help can be found on the shelter’s website.


The cat shelter ALFONZ ÚMONÍN, z. S. was established in 2015 and takes care of 25 to 30 animals. Sick cats and kittens always have priority. Professional staff and volunteers take care of cats here 7 days a week, all year round. Animal patients are trying to recover, get fit and place in new homes. Permanently ill or affected animals often remain as permanent residents of the deposit. You can see the cats for adoption on the shelter’s website. You can support the shelter financially, by remote adoption or by sending food and bedding.

We use a special streaming set with the AXIS P3375-LV camera for direct transmission. https://www.axis.com/products/axis-p3375-lv/support

⚠️ In case of FAILURE, please write to us at slow.tv@cvcenter.cz. This will allow you to fix the transmission as quickly as possible. Thank you for helping us!

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🙏 Transmission partners
▪️ Cat shelter ALFONZ ÚMONÍN 👉 https://alfonzumonin.cz/
▪️ Axis Communications 👉 https://www.axis.com/cs-cz

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🔴 LIVE: Cute Cats in Playroom | 24/7 Live Stream