1 Hour of funny Cute Cats | Funny Pet Videos

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1 Hour of funny Cute Cats | Funny Pet Videos

10 thoughts on “1 Hour of funny Cute Cats | Funny Pet Videos

  1. What I find disturbing is these videos are from other people and you have the nerve to put them under your listwncing to keep people from using them

  2. I do not agree with people putting clothes on their cats. They clearly do not like it. You can plainly see that theyre uncomfortable when they act weird, fall over, and or freak out.
    And some people say "oh my cat loves it"
    They end up tolerating it because you force them to wear it. While you record them and laugh at it. You may not think you're doing any harm, but you are. It's wrong.
    Now hairless cats I can see them enjoying a sweater n things like that…

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