Are the Stray Cats in Istanbul lucky? – Cute Cats

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Are the Stray Cats in Istanbul lucky? – Cute Cats
There are too many stray cats in Istanbul. These cute stray cats are glorious for living in Istanbul. Because too many people give stray cats food every day. In many places you can see cardboard houses made for stray cats. Also in a very street, you can see food containers and water for cats. Stray cats in Istanbul are not afraid of people. A cat can jump on your lap while you’re sitting in the park. A cat can accompany you on your way to school. Cute cats eating food. Don’t forget to feed stray cats. Cats are king in Istanbul.
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Are the Stray Cats in Istanbul lucky? – Cute Cats

10 thoughts on “Are the Stray Cats in Istanbul lucky? – Cute Cats

  1. 🍀🐾🌹😘 The cats who are in your care are the lucky ones, Sedat and also the cats who are being fed by kind Turkish people in other parts of Turkey too…but there are still cats out there who are less lucky… 🙏❤🐾😘 Thank you Sedat for your warm heart for these homeless furry friends.

  2. OMG! The Cat at the beginning 0:07 looks identical to my Big and strong Tom Cat he had green eyes and 30 inches long he is absolutely GORGEOUS.
    He is a Maine Coon and Siberian cross breed and the same racoon bushy tail, diamond back right up to the neck and eyes like a striped Zorro mask with a "M" markings on the head.

  3. please also check out Saperdunum on Instagram. He’s adopted about 18 cats. Maybe you guys can work together. Masha Allah.

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