Baby kittens and Cute cats meowing loudly asking for food

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Baby kittens and Cute cats meowing loudly asking for food
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Baby kittens and Cute cats meowing loudly asking for food

10 thoughts on “Baby kittens and Cute cats meowing loudly asking for food

  1. Oh I'm sorry to hear Angels kitten 🙁 aww they are so cute and they love you too 😸💙💙☁️

    Sorry I couldn't support and watch some of your videos I was really busy I'll watch them and support them todayy!! 💙☁️☁️ Have a great day everyone

  2. Looks like a bunch of happy kitties. Not at my house, Tomasina picked on Martha's babies one time too many and got beat up twice yesterday. Martha is only half her size, but when she's mad, she is a tiger. It wasn't even a fair fight. Tomasina will fight Foxes and Dogs and win, but she got beat bad yesterday by Ninja Momma, it was awesome.

  3. Everyone has a happy tail!! Love your videos- you are a hero for rescuing these beautiful lives

  4. You're a cool guy you're wife or partner is very lucky. It's like t hgg e cats are at play school!

  5. You've done a tremendous job with lavender. Looks like a totally different cat. Little sweet heart.

  6. I’m glad to see Lavender. They all are so big.
    It’s funny they were all like “hello, we’re all starving here. We haven’t eaten anything since forever. You’re beginning to look tasty. If you don’t feed us we will eat you.”

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