BAD KITTIES: Cute Cats Love Trouble

Cute Cats Video Information:

Bad cute kitties Kwazi and Uli love trouble. This video celebrates kitty’s adorable mischievous antics. Please comment, like and share : ) 💖💖😽&😼******************************************************************

Cute cats Kwazi and Uli have been cuddling together since 2013! Check out how they first met at

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BAD KITTIES:  Cute Cats Love Trouble

10 thoughts on “BAD KITTIES: Cute Cats Love Trouble

  1. they are not bad kitties.. they are two of the best in the world.. love naughty kitties.. so loveable.. and huggable.. please hug them for me.. a biiiiiiiig bear hug..thanks

  2. Pink is a great performer and an intelligent, outspoken human being. Uli however shakes his bum better than any performer I know. They work well together. Kwazi wasn't bad himself. Nice upbeat video…totally enjoyed.

  3. Aww Kwazi and Uli were such cute kitties and lots of trouble! lol Happy day to you all! 😸🐱💗

  4. Very cute editing style ✨

    What song ?

    Thanks for your fun cat vids …our cats adore Kwazi and Uli👍

  5. Ohhh, if only they could sell me some of that extra energy, you would be rich by now! That was adorable!

  6. Awwww, this was so cute, especially the dancing parts. How much do they charge for dance lessons? 😸😸

  7. This is a fantastic video! I think I laughed through almost all of it. Even as kittens they were fast and Uli climbing up that lamp. The music was pawsome for all of the action going on. This was just fantastic! Hugs and chin scratches to Kwazi and Uli.
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