Cat names that get your cat’s attention – what should I name my cat?

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What makes a good cat name? Does your cat come when you call him? No? Maybe the cat has better things to do, or maybe the name you are using isn’t getting the cat’s attention! Want to learn more? Have a look :-).

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Cat names that get your cat’s attention – what should I name my cat?

10 thoughts on “Cat names that get your cat’s attention – what should I name my cat?

  1. I have read that it's a good idea to name your cat that ends with an 'Eee' sound, but with no explanation. Thank you for the clarification, Doctor.

  2. My kitty named Thumbs comes to MooMoo🤣 My others name is Boromir, I call him borty. The trick really is making a click with my tongue 3x in a row.

  3. How about the cat's ability to distinguish the vocal code? Can they hear different words (or sounds) if it has enough characteristics for cat to classify them?

  4. You can also let your cat choose the name they prefer. Put together a list of names u like, then several times a day call out each name to the cat & see which name attracts attention. Do this for a few days, paying attention to any name the cat responds to even if it's not an overwhelming response. I had no trouble choosing names for my two cats, a sister & brother who were about 7 weeks old. I made a list of about ten names, called out each name for a few days, & each kitten paid attention to one particular name each. They paid no attention to the other names, but when hearing the right one each kitten looked at me each time i said the name.
    By the way, these two cats always responded to their names by looking at me, acknowledging that they'd heard me. One of them would usually come to me if i called him to, the other sometimes came when called but almost always acknowledged it by looking up. They always seemed to be more responsive to their names than other cats I've known.
    Maybe combine this technique & the Vancouver Vet's technique and your cat will be better at answering. Also, one of my two cats chose another name when she was about ten. I was trying to learn how to pronounce some words in Nahuatl (aka Aztec) & whenever i said 'ocelotl' aloud one of my cats looked up. She continued to respond whenever i said it aloud, seeming to act as if that had always been her name, so from then on i used both names, sometimes together & sometimes separately. She wasn't an unusually verbal cat (her brother is very verbal), in fact never made sounds other than that low soft chirping cats often use when communicating with one another. Her brother was always a huge talker & he'd let me know if they needed anything. She never even asked for food verbally. So if she learned a name as a kitten & another name years later, responding to either or both the rest of her life, i think almost any cat could choose a name this way.
    I've had a lot more trouble trying to find a name for a street cat i befriended, a cat who in her early life apparently lived with someone & was well domesticated but who somehow ended up homeless for most of her life, i think about 8 years now. But she's not a very verbal cat, & I'm not yet able to take her in & thus spend more time with her, so it's taking a while to find a name she likes. Like my cat who died 3 years ago (age 17), she's extremely quiet, makes only low soft sounds occasionally. It took a year to really gain her trust, she'd been so traumatized living on the street, & though she now finally trusts me, rushes to greet me each day, I'm afraid I'll have to wait to find a name for her…soon I'll be able to take her in to live with my one elderly cat & myself & then there'll be plenty of time to try out names. Any other suggestions for finding a name for her?

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