Cat Play vs. Cat Fight & How to Tell the Difference – Cute Cats Playing Together! – Cats and Cat Nip

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In this video I talk about cats playing and how to tell the difference between a cat fight and two cats playing, which can look very similar! Also see some clips of my cat and dog playing together. My cats also go into some cat nip, watch them excitedly roll around!

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Cat Play vs. Cat Fight & How to Tell the Difference – Cute Cats Playing Together! – Cats and Cat Nip

10 thoughts on “Cat Play vs. Cat Fight & How to Tell the Difference – Cute Cats Playing Together! – Cats and Cat Nip

  1. What if my cat takes my other cat by it’s leg and repeatedly kick him in the head ??

  2. Sokka is always pinning Ludo down but Ludo is the instigator 9/10 times and keeps annoying Sokka till he plays with him so I'm not sure x,D

  3. This helped a bit. I have two cats. One is a female, she is about 8-10 months old. She had a twin brother who played all the time with her and it was adorable. Sadly, the veterinarian didn’t monitor him while he was being neutered so he had a heart attack and passed away at 6-7 months old. We realized that our female cat was looking lonely. She and her brother did everything, and I mean everything together. So we got another male kitten who I believe is 1 1/2 months old. He grew up an outdoors cat but we took him into our house. For a while he would hiss at our female cat but they started to get used to each other. They’re at the point where they play with each other, but I get worried because our female is bigger than our male and when they play sometimes our kitten will hiss at her or make loud meow sounds. But I don’t think she understands that she could be hurting him. But I can tell they are playing because they do take turns chasing and wrestling. So in other words, thank you for this video. Sorry for posting a long story 😅

  4. I have a cat and her kitten the cats age is 1.5 years and her kitten is 20 dayes she biter her kitten when they are alone….. how do i know if she is fighting or playing with her kitten?

  5. You can play with your cats too. I use my bare arms and mimic the same behaviors they do by pulling her ears gently and holding my palm to her face. She really enjoys it. I do get scratched, but her claws are mostly retracted, and she rarely breaks my skin. This didn’t happen at first. She learned to do that over time.

    Alternatively, you can wrap a blanket around your arm and just rub it on their face (when they’re in the mood to play). If they’re as playful as mine, she clings on so hard, you can pick her up with it, lol.

    It’s funny when she got comfortable enough around one of my friends, that she just randomly attacks his arm now. All I can say is “that means she likes you!” Lol

    Oh, and I wouldn’t recommend doing any of that unless they are the ones initiating it. For example, I will just be petting her, and then she rolls over and clings to my arm and bites my hand.

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