CatTV: Competitive Licking Festival – CUTE Cats!

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Recorded: 6 November 2017

Araminta and Eleanora decide to try and outdo each other with licking!

“CatTV” is what my mum and I call watching our kitties in real life, (in contrast to watching things on television!) I’m presenting little videos here paired with music as a relaxing way to enjoy the beauty and preciousness of cats.


PSA: If you are interested in getting a pet, visit your local animal shelters/rescues first! Their adoption fees are cheaper, and the animals you find are precious and wonderful!


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CatTV: Competitive Licking Festival – CUTE Cats!

10 thoughts on “CatTV: Competitive Licking Festival – CUTE Cats!

  1. Ooh, ooh! Licking contest! I wanna join! -joins in~ m-mrrowh? -blushes~ w-what? I-Is that weird or s-something? >/////>

  2. Yeah, no sense going with anything other than a rescue/shelter cat. If you have a type in mind there are rescue organizations that cater (no pun intended) to most major breeds. If one is willing to skip the dreaded kitten stage, there are plenty of adult cats whose personalities are known – especially nice when adding a cat to an existing cat/dog household – and less errant poop.

    We have a kitty that looks just like Maggy in coloration…. with just a hint of white and orange on her belly. Poor thing looked like a burn victim when she was a kitten.

  3. They're so adorable, the little bite fight as well – cat can't help themselves have a little nibble! 😀

  4. "Greetings and welcome back to CATtorio. I'm KatherineOfSky and todaay we're watching my cats lick each other."

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