Cute Cat Compilation: Derp Ridiculosity

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It’s Derpalicious! It’s all about the derpitude! It’s the invasion of the #teamcatmojo Derp Cats!!
…and BTW if you’ve got a derpy of your own (or two), don’t keep it to yourself. Just go to and share the love (and the laughs)!
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Cute Cat Compilation: Derp Ridiculosity

10 thoughts on “Cute Cat Compilation: Derp Ridiculosity

  1. Why is no one talking about that thing outside of the window? Was that some kind of dog puppet?

  2. Okay kind of embarrassing but gotta ask since you don’t have a video on it and I can’t really find anything online about it.

    I’m due to give birth to my next child very soon. We got 2 kittens from my dad and he (even though I asked him to let the mom ween them because they aren’t dogs. Cats ween kittens not adults) he weened them at 8 weeks. Now they suckle and nurse on anything that is soft. They have continued to do this and are now teen crazy kitties that still kneed and suckle the soft when pet.

    Here’s the problem. I make a lot of milk and I am starting to leak. No baby yet but very very soon next baby will be here.. teen cats can smell the milk and are trying to suckle and nurse from me. Every time I sit they are on me, every time I lay down they are on me. They chirp at me, hop up, pretend they want pets and try to nurse from me.

    I’ve tried to put them down, brush them away, do a hiss noise, cover myself, move away every time they come near. I’m worried they see me as “mom”/food. They still eat kibble and aren’t trying to suckle from me only.

    I haven’t ever let them succeed or even come close to it but dam do they try.

    I’m really worried that once the baby gets here they may bite the baby’s face to get milk off of him or worse. I’m at a loss.

  3. Hi Jackson . My cat Nesta passed away in May and I miss him alot . Can you tell me how to heal from losing him ?

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