Cute Cat Compilation of the Week…CAT TV!

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It’s my cute cat compilation of the week!
Looking out the window is something your cats do a LOT of – but they’re not just looking – they’re watching Cat TV!
Big thanks to #TeamCatMojo – You guys have given us the goods, showing the rest of the world YOUR cats binge-watching everything from squirrels to birds. Want your cat to be in next week’s compilation? Send us your cutest videos to
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Cute Cat Compilation of the Week…CAT TV!

10 thoughts on “Cute Cat Compilation of the Week…CAT TV!

  1. I have a question. Is it normal for cats to slow down and become more calm as they get older? My girl has always been very active and "crazy" and she's just turning 2 in a few months. Lately she seems to be a lot calmer, not running around everywhere like she used to.

  2. My Benjamin loves his multiple cat TV's. He "chirps" at the birds at the feeder.

  3. Thanks Jackson just adore you an love your channel!!! Makes a bad day a happy day!!! Thanks to all The Cat Daddies an Mommies whose fur babies were in this vid. Thanks for sharing your beautiful lil fur angels with us!!! All are purrfectly adorable!!! Cats make the house a home!!!😽😻🐱🐾🐾🐾🐾💕💕💕💕💕💕💖

  4. these cats looks amazing i am a proud owner of the two …xoxo

  5. I like to thank Jackson for all the videos about cats and their behaviours. I have two awesome cats that ruling the kingdom with confidants because of all of your videos I leant from. I couldn’t be a happy cat mum. X massive thank you x

  6. My cat loves to be in my mother's office window. She likes to back into the side that has the blinds closed and just lay there. She usually hates closed in spaces, but for some reason that space between the window and the blinds is cool for her. It is her favorite tv spot because the bushes out there get a lot of butterflies.

  7. Loved seing my babies up there, thanks Jackson! They do love their cat TV

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