Cute Cat Kisses Human in Kissing Booth xx

Cute Cats Video Information:

You know your cat loves you when…

Hey everyone, I know some of you may have already seen this cute clip in our original “Kitty Kissing Booth” vid:

I’m just getting annoyed with other YouTube channels and Facebook pages stealing our videos/clips and uploading them as their own, so I uploaded this clip and may upload other shorter clips in the future for you to enjoy as well….. we’ll get credit for them and I’m sure you won’t mind watching a playlist full of short cute videos of Cole & Marm!? 😉

If you do see any duplicates of our videos or videos using our clips without permission, purr-lease let us know, thanks!



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Cute Cat Kisses Human in Kissing Booth xx

10 thoughts on “Cute Cat Kisses Human in Kissing Booth xx

  1. 0:12 "Sorry, but the Kissing Booth is now closing 😽"
    Also, my cat doesn't lick me as much, but my dog does.
    :3 I've been licked by a cat before. The stuff on its tounge made it feel like sandpaper. I still love cats, tho. They're cute. 😻😺🐱🐈

  2. 0:03 I would prefer to make out with a cat instead of making out with the wrong guy…

  3. Dig, if U will, the picture, of U and kitty kitty engaged in a kiss,” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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