10 thoughts on “Cute cats: Black and white kitten tries to wake up tiny tabby in Japan

  1. don't be silly. controlling the national mind was one of the things that the nazi party were good at. in my opinion, western governments use the very same techniques that were honed by the nazis. you surely can't say that this is good journalism. it is clearly an attempt to get views. ty 🙂

  2. no CLEARLY this is news from the world of cute cats, if it was nazi related you wouldnt have a choice be no stop ,pause ,exit button also this isnt our news if you want news that's relevent …
    not clearly; badly written !

  3. white kitty: come on man play with me!
    sleeping kitty: zzzzzzz
    white kitty: Ugh its nice outside and i am ever ready to fuck shit up
    sleeping kitty:zzzzzzzz
    white kitty:Seriously Leo you are boring….always sleeping
    sleeping kitty:zzzzzzzz
    white kitty:Ahhhh shit i fell down
    sleeping kitty:zzzzzzzz
    white kitty:Crap i fell down again
    sleeping kitty:zzzzzzzz
    white kitty:Oh well…when in rome
    sleeping kitty:zzzzzz
    white kitty:zzzzzz

    Dead too cute!

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