Cute Cats Grooming Each Other

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In the morning I wake up to cute cats grooming each other. These cats are so loving and create a peaceful environment. Watch my cats groom each other as the dogs ask to go outside. I love this home we have with our pet family. My cats are so sweet and adorable. I know many of you have been asking to see more of the cats. I have been gone so much lately that I have been unable to get videos of my cats, but I do plan to record more of my sweet cute cats playing and grooming and purring. Please write a comment below and remember to give a thumbs up or thumbs down. I want to know what my viewers like.
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Welcome to my pet vlog. You will find that I love to share the simple moments in life that make meaningful. I also like to help people so I create a lot of HOW TO videos. Cats and Dogs are so much fun and make life so very meaningful. You will enjoy my weekly pet vlog uploads. I have three rescued cats and a yellow Labrador dog. My daughters are all grown up and sometimes I spend time with their dogs as well, including a Pit Bull/Lab mix named Lily and a German Shepherd named Rollo. I love to post daily photos on my Instagram site and invite you to join in the fun. My FROSTY Life website also has the latest photos posted. This website was created by my daughter and has all of the details about each of the pets. You can subscribe to the website and get updates whenever we post anything new.
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Cute Cats Grooming Each Other

10 thoughts on “Cute Cats Grooming Each Other

  1. Koho grooming Mason, I think? I would like to request that your next addition to this cat family not be a brown or grey tabby? LOL

  2. Are they all 3 usually in bed? So cute! I miss having cats sometimes but I just can't commit yet! Your camera does great close-ups! I can see all the detail in their fur!

  3. Frosty, I think my favorite Frosty story was when Mason escaped and came home – and you (wisely) decided to let Mason sow his wild oats outside from time to time and get some of that “call of the wild” out of his system.

    I cried when Sadie died, and cried even harder when your kitties comforted you. I confess that I mainly watch your videos for your pets – and your excellent commentaries about them.

    I think the word “cute” in your title is an understatement. Your cats are beautiful! I wonder if there’s something about your camera, but it picks up the color of their fur and eyes extremely well.

    It’s also super fun when you say “This is what I wake up to”, and it’s a panorama of pretty, purring cats grooming each other. Your cats clearly enjoy hanging out with you, and soon the puppies will too!

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