Cute Cats Morning Routine

Cute Cats Video Information:

Mouse’s Chilled Out Morning Routine

Enjoy a relaxing morning with Mouse and have some breakfast with her.

Cute Cats Morning Routine

10 thoughts on “Cute Cats Morning Routine

  1. Paige , if you go Michael Cairnes channel to Kitty's corner you can find out mouse can be guest host of the day.

  2. Cats are adorable! I have an outside cat named lil Red & a inside dog named Buddy! 😊.

  3. My cat has the same marking on its leg too now I know it's my cat I thought it was napping on my bed just a couple of minutes ago now I have to get up and look in the mean time I subbed to your channel just in case

  4. Awwh what’s a better way than messaging ur little cutie mouse at the morning and not only that she enjoyed it ! We and u too will!! Mouse must be the luckiest cat in the world! 😀

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