Cute cats playing!

Cute Cats Video Information:

This is our same cat that attacked the dog on the other video, the grayish and white cat is her baby. Please comment rate and subscribe 🙂

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Cute cats playing!

10 thoughts on “Cute cats playing!

  1. THey are just playing.They are biting each others fur and scratching with claws in.

  2. obviously you've never seen cats fight… correct.
    when a cat fight occurs, it looks like one big ball of fur is rolling and screeching around on the ground with a slight ”fur cloud” around the fight area. when 2 girls…I MEAN cats fight, screaming, scratching… hair pulling… something like that

  3. Please, do not adopt any other cat if you abandon, "give them away" to Death Row that easily, as you did with the poor pregnant cat! You need first to learn to LOVE them, not just "have some fun". They are not toys! Cats are most sensitive beings on earth. Not all humans can understand them.

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