Cute Cats Updates after a Month

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Hello everyone, thank you for subscribing my channel. I can’t believe it the subscribers almost reach 300. Here’s special video for you guys about an update condition regarding cats in my video after a month.

If you’re new, consider to watch my previous video in my channel so you can understand this video easily.

Please enjoy the video! Cheers

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Cute Cats Updates after a Month

10 thoughts on “Cute Cats Updates after a Month

  1. OMGOODNESS… I am so happy to see the cat mamma and her precious babies under your care . They are such beautiful family 💞thank you for bringing them inside and taking care of them.God Bless your kind heart ❤️

  2. Thank you. I was wondering about Sun's health situation. Great to see all doing well. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you for heartwarming update of these cities! Your video skills are excellent … the closeups are just perfect! Sending love and appreciation from Pennsylvania USA 😻🐈😇

  4. So pleased to see sun kitten is doing so well as I was very worried when seeing what happen to him in a previous video. Love watching how well the kitty family is doing and they are so lucky to be i your care. Much ❤️ from another kitty owner.

  5. Fantastic video. Thanks for posting the update. You and Sun have bonded because of how well you took care of him when he had seizures.

  6. When you scratched his neck and he tried to scratch it himself with his missing leg was pretty cute, kind of sad, but also cute.

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