10 thoughts on “Cute Playful Cats

  1. I love cats…few days ago I lost him…he was a black color cat and he loves me as like as mother…he is always with me…he was sleeping in my arms…really l missed him..l often crying for him…

  2. I can't recover from his death because he is always with me like my shadow…l think Allah will take care of him better than me…

  3. Greetings from a 60 yr old man in Florida. Such a very nice video. Those festive cats, beautiful garden and hearing the birds chirping made it very relaxing. The angles you filmed from made it like I was right there. Where is there by the way.

  4. These animals are fascinating. Theyโ€™re so smart, yet seem dumb compared to us

  5. Watching this cus my cat does not want to do anything with me only comes for me for food n water

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