Giving Thanks For Our Many Friends! Happy Thanksgiving 2018! Cute Cats Compilation!

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Giving thanks for all of our cat friends this year as well as their humans who take such good care of them. May your Thanksgiving be filled with many blessings.

Music: Wish Background by Kevin MacLeod

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Giving Thanks For Our Many Friends! Happy Thanksgiving 2018! Cute Cats Compilation!

10 thoughts on “Giving Thanks For Our Many Friends! Happy Thanksgiving 2018! Cute Cats Compilation!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Very cute cats. Shame I didn't have the time to send Katutis photo over, but oh well.

  2. You are so wonderful to do this and it must have taken forever!! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, such beautiful kitties. The kitten I found, Nyum Nyum, was placed for adoption on Friday after Thanksgiving and was adopted the same day. It wasn't easy but it was best for him and the ladies at the adoption center were very caring.

  4. Aw, I missed this when it came out because we didn't have internet and we were going through some issues with our fridge. Our Henry is at :22 and Seymour and Alexander at :25. Thank you for including us.

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