10 thoughts on “Puma and Pumpkin sleeping (cute cats funny kittens)

  1. Wonderful video! … was drawn to it when I saw the name Pumpkin — My 18+ year (young) Pumpkin is sleeping on my lap right now and it is indeed a wonderful sight! Treasure every moment…preparing (like that's even possible) to say goodbye is extremely hearbreaking…

  2. that is so cute and if i get an orange tabby i will name her pumkin
    i have a 13 month old kitty named nighters and she has 3 youtube videos
    just go to sheka216

  3. i have 7 cat my fav cat is my cat gizmo she is 6 years old and never been sick she is the oldest and loyal cat i have when ever i'm sick or sad she comes and cheers me up i wish she would never die but it's sad to know that thay will sadly die 1 day!!!!!

  4. I can tell you really love toughs kittens. I live in a place where I can't have a cat, but before I had 2. They were really content and very affectionate. I have been hold many times that a person can tell a lot about another through how his/he pet acts.

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