What happens if you feed stray cats – Cute Cats

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What happens if you feed stray cats – Cute Cats
They love us and become our best friends. What happens if you feed cute cats? they play with us and they’re happy. i loves kittens and cats. That’s why i feeding them everyday. i gave cat food to hungry cute cats. Cute cats and kittens loved me. Don’t forget to give stray cats cat food. Cats are our best friend. If you like Cute cats or others animal videos, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.
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What happens if you feed stray cats – Cute Cats

10 thoughts on “What happens if you feed stray cats – Cute Cats

  1. It looks chilly there. Lucky kitties have a nice shelter to snuggle up in, thanks to Sedat and his good heart.
    Happy New Year!!

  2. Thanks for taking great care of these kitties and providing them with wet food, it’s very kind of u. Quick question as well do you get these cats spayed and neutered? it would be great if u did to get the population down so not as many would be on the streets

  3. Thank you Sedat for taking care of these fur babies 🙏 God bless you and them 🙏
    Happy New year 💐 to you and your family

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