10 Crazy and Funny Cats in Action (Compilation)

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Please – don’t annoy your cat or he will hunt for you;)) For more – vist my blog: http://handyclickz.com/
Credits: funny cats this week compilation of CC licensed Youtube movies:
(source movie titlle / user name):
Sneezing cat can’t stop sneezing !! user: SataMaxx
The cat and the dog Η Γάτα και ο σκύλος.user: larioannis
Crazy Cat Attacking Spuds Dog.flv user: RedBillydogf9
Funny Videos – A Cat Doing Tha Lonely Island Creep!!! LOL!!! user: YungBXThaKidd
Funny Cats(Smešne Mačke) user: strajKe
cat takes the kettle off the stand user: PaulBunkey
~Funny Cat~ [sGoldVIDEO] – 2012 user: SgoldVideo
Spider Cat user: Mr7funny
Funny Cat reaction’s to Donny Gillson’s Videos user: TheNordicTruth
Cat going crazy for his light toy user: MiiSzNancy

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10 Crazy and Funny Cats in Action (Compilation)

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