Bitchy Cats | Funny Cat Compilation 2017

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Cats are adorable, but they can be real bitches and that’s why we love them! Knocking things off counters, demanding all the attention and the greatest resting bitch face of all time, I relate to these bitchy cats so much!

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Confused Kitten:
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Bitchy Cats | Funny Cat Compilation 2017

10 thoughts on “Bitchy Cats | Funny Cat Compilation 2017

  1. Please stop setting animal video compilations to music. I just want to hear the original sounds in the video.

  2. Never try to kiss a cat. They probably hate that smacking sound. 🤪 they do the nose to nose thing. 🤪 also last kitty wants the attention, kitty knows person is a couch potato. 🤪

  3. My grandpa's cat hates everyone. She runs away dramatically whenever we visit and the first time I met her she hissed at me as if I was Satan or something and so naturally I growled at it. I was saying what a nice little pretty kitty she was then bam I'm getting swiped at and aggressively yelled at by a dang cat. The little shit's hair gets everywhere and I am allergic to it. Then this little shit has the audacity to strut over to my grandpa, after hissing at everyone, and jump into his lap while purring and being sweet. I told him his cat was evil and he told me buzz off. Nobody has ever mistreated the cat at all, there is no logical reason for this. Cats are just jerks with fur and claws. Prove me wrong.

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