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Hi cat lovers! We fed two funny and cute cats today.I hope you like it.If you want to support us you can subscribe and also watch other videos.

The best cat videos ever! In this video I feed the cute,adorable,gorgeous and meowing stray,street cats.they were hungry and asks for food. Cats are part of our life, we laugh at them so much.Funny cats are so adorable and cute. Just look at all these cats and kittens how they fail, behave, meow, spin, beg… So ridiculous, funny and cute! With these funny cat videos you can make your day!
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10 thoughts on “Cute and Funny Cat Videos😸-Feeding Stray Cats | YUFUS

  1. This is so heartwarming! You're so thoughtful to do this to fellow cats in trouble!

  2. Water and not milk is more important than food. Too many cats get kidney failure because of lack of water.

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