Funny Cat Interrupts Interviews

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Watch these cats interrupting people’s live interview on TV! The kitties basically saying that they want attention, well they got ’em! Try not to laugh challenge!

Cats are so hilarious that these funny cat videos will make you laugh so hard that your tummy hurts!
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Funny Cat Interrupts Interviews

10 thoughts on “Funny Cat Interrupts Interviews

  1. The last few seconds are from a longer piece, in which the cat pretty much takes over a Turkish news programme. The cat ultimately took over the entire TV station.

  2. The professor was tolerant, even though the ginger cat was on his shoulders. Puts Schroedinger's Cat to shame!
    All these interloping felines are saying, is "I'm not waiting for attention!!" Well, they got it! 😸😸😸

  3. What's this, attention? I like attention. Let me get in on that. They try to look all innocent as they up stage the humans. Tail over the eyes oops.

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