10 thoughts on “funny cat talking and singing … cats Compilation

  1. 0:00 and 1:36 My milk
    No my milk
    It's my milk
    No it's my milk
    This milk is mine
    No this milk is mine
    You don't deserve this milk
    No you don't deserve this milk

  2. Some are not funny actually some cats are struggling among them. So disliked this video

  3. 2:25 To this guy-

    Fuck you. Fuck you so much. How dare you grab a cat trying to sleep, and kick it, ALSO play the guitar really loudly in its ears! They have sensitive ears. I want someone to take that cat away from you right now. You don’t deserve one. Bitch.

    Love, Aishi.

  4. When the dryer is on my cat just scratch me n go….but this cat was reall cute♥

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