Funny Cats ✪ Cute and Baby Cats Videos Compilation #70

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Funny Cats ✪ Cute and Baby Cats Videos Compilation #70

10 thoughts on “Funny Cats ✪ Cute and Baby Cats Videos Compilation #70

  1. ทาสแมวยอมสยบความน่ารักริงๆๆเลย

  2. I once found a litter of kittens in the park near my building and decided to take them back to my apartment to raise.

    Some how mama kitten found my 2nd story apartment and she sits on the balcony everyday pawing my screen door.

    I finally began to feel guilty. I had bought enough food to feed the three baby kittens for the whole week but I didn't have enough to feed all four of them for the whole week.

    I then realized what my best course of action was in order for all my little ones to survive. So I opened my screen door and grabbed mama kitty by the hind legs and slam her head on the balcony floor 3 times and threw her body over the balcony and into the garden below.

    A new beginning, after the end.

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  4. I don’t find some videos funny in this they’re rather disturbing for animal luvrs

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