Funny cats compilation | Birman cats

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This video is compilation of what are Birman cats and kittens like; their hairy coat is a bit less fluffy in the summer, how they like to play and things don’t always go as planned, how they are cute and funny and curious and sometimes naughty, especially when they find toilet paper or help you around the house.

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Funny cats compilation | Birman cats

9 thoughts on “Funny cats compilation | Birman cats

  1. Aww I love birmans! I have a seal point. In my last video I made his portrait, if you want take a look to my channel, I’d like to know what you think! Thank u😻

  2. Great work,the fact that you'r still uploading with little support is amazing.
    I have 12 cats in the house and we tought one of them was a ragdoll lynx (we have 4 of those) but with your help we found out he was actually a birman and now he is 4 months old and called EGG. hopefully you keep uploading

  3. Hi I am from iran
    I love Birman cats very much I want to have a Birman cat
    Where can I find it?
    Thanks for the good channel
    Nima Abuali

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