10 thoughts on “Funny Cats in Christmas Trees Compilation (2017)

  1. I suddenly have a new found appreciation for my cat. He does NOT do this. But he will occasionally sit underneath the tree, like a furry Christmas present.

  2. When I was a kid we had a full length tree one year with a bunch of fake birds on it and during the night our cat tore off every one of them from top to bottom and ripped them apart. And just looked at us like, "What? It's a tree with brids I'm a Cat, hello"

  3. Angels on treetops and tinsel so shiny,Porcelain Santas and angels quite tiny,Low-hanging ornaments,Popcorn on strings,Say your goodbyes to your favorite things!–from a Hallmark card that  you can still find @ Walgreens during the Holidays..

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