Funny Cats In Hats Video Compilation 2017

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From kittens hiding underneath big hats, cats wearing hats while ringing a bell for treats, to cats in a bath with a towel hat, these are just a few of the cats in hats you’ll find in this funny cats in hats video compilation.

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Titles/Original Links: Wizard Cat Hangs out in Bathroom Sink
Cat Dancing while Wearing a Santa Hat
Kitten Stuck Underneath Hat
Cat Wearing Witch Hat Rings Bell
Cat Wearing Hat Rings Bell for Treats
Cat Takes a Bath
Cat Won’t Share Presents
Cat in Witch Costume Falls off Table
Cat Wears Pumpkin Costume
Cat Wears Santa Costume
Cat Takes a Soothing Bath
Cat Takes a Bath
Banana Cat in a Bathtub

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Funny Cats In Hats Video Compilation 2017

10 thoughts on “Funny Cats In Hats Video Compilation 2017

  1. Give those poor creatures and me a break! Why the pathetic owners don't go to the shelter and help out and be useful. Rather then putting a poor cat into the bubble bath! I wonder what a plastic toy in the bath mean to the cat! These are not children, do you understand? They are not a play things either. You need help, go and visit a shrink, oh please….

  2. 60 people don't like cats in hats!?!?
    My little brother: they haven't watched cat in a hat 🙂

  3. This is abusive to the cats. The cats are trying to get the hats off. And they hate water. You are horrible unfeeling people would don't deserve to be taking care of animals. You are the worse you creeps.

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