Horses are much more funny than cats – Funny horse videos 2018

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Well, I know that cats are funny, crazy and soo cute… BUT, I promise you after this video you will wish to have a horse, maybe two or 100 of it. Horses will make you laugh all the time. They are incredible creatures, really like children and they can also give you a kiss haha. You wouldn’t believe that they can help you with household things.

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10 thoughts on “Horses are much more funny than cats – Funny horse videos 2018

  1. Okay, so horses are funny as cats, but only cause they have lips. Our cuttin horses were never this fun.

  2. I like horses a lot and let's not forget those in dire need. There is current legislation to prevent the willful deliberate torture and abuse of Tennessee Walkers to force them to perform the Big Lick. If you have time talk about it with your neighbors to pass the Federal PAST Act to stop soring of these persecuted horses

  3. Horses are indeed hilarious! I used to work as a Horse Riding Instructor in the 90s and not a day passed without the horses and ponies doing something that these days would be a viral video on here. For example: One of our horses, Crispin, would actually turn to look in my eyes just before he'd throw his rider into something, his fave was the 'coffin jump', a 6ft by 3ft by 6ft deep hole that horses were supposed to jump over on our cross country course.. Crispin never failed to pop his rider into it and then jump over (them lying in the bottom of it) and stand the other side looking in at them. Admittedly I probably could have stopped him but it was too darn hilarious especially as the 'coffin jump' was usually half filled with water from the last rainstorm. Ahhh those were the days…

  4. Was that kid on a leash? Teddybear is not helping the situation. At all…..

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