How to win a box | Funny Cats playing

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How to win a box | Funny Cats playing . My cat Rocky is an athlete from infancy. But the box is a very complex sports equipment. Rocky took a few attempts. Still, he won the box! :))
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9 thoughts on “How to win a box | Funny Cats playing

  1. It is interesting to see how much cats like boxes, but is there any research about the relationship between cats and boxes? 6(^^;) …

  2. of course :))
    I made a few videos about the results of my research! :))

  3. Definitely another Maru in training. And Maru and Rocky are both Scottish Folds. All cats like boxes, but it seems like the Scottish Folds are very creative about their use of boxes. What are the relationships between all your cats–like who is the mom, dad, kitten–do you have more than one breeding pair? I'd love to know–and I love your videos!

  4. Thanks a lot! Visit, please, my Facebook page for more information and photos.
    Link is on the description of video

  5. Too Funny !!   Rocky realy likes "won the box" from kitten still now grown cat. It is the special passion of Rocky, isn't it ?

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