LAUGH Non-Stop ➙ Funny Cats Compilation * Part 6

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Why do we find cats cute? 🐾Because they’re still going to look like babies long after they’ve grown up! They’re soft. For some reason, we strange humans like soft things! Cats’ fur is especially soft and silky, especially under the tummy. They also come in the most beautiful rainbow of colors from inky black to pristine white, with all sorts of fascinating shades in between.
It’s hard to resist the playful antics and soft little bodies of kittens. Even as they grow into adulthood, cats are endearing pets and faithful companions. The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats and held them in the highest esteem. Many people who live in earthquake areas credit cats with saving their lives — the cats’ heightened senses gave them early warning and helped them escape the quake. To most of us, cats are cute because of their almond-shaped eyes, the variety of fur colors, their small noses and paws and the adorable and funny things they do that rarely fail to entertain us.

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LAUGH Non-Stop ➙ Funny Cats Compilation * Part 6

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