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henlo frens! dis video has all of the best cats of the year. i hope it does you a laugh dis weekend

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hi hoomans! im rufus p goodboy and dis my yootoob channel! i has lottsa videos of doggos, good bois, cats, sleepys bois, fat bois, furry tings, floofin, blerps, bloops, and durfinitely boops. subscribe and have hekkin good time!
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10 thoughts on “THE BEST CUTE AND FUNNY CAT VIDEOS OF 2021!!

  1. 0:20 MAYBE just MAYBE, DONT put tall things under CEILING fans where your pets could POTENTIALLY hurt themselves!! 0:30 If you are not carefull you are going to have a LEGITIMATE "Garfield" on your hands soon! 0:37 OMFG!!!! Do you SERIOUSLY need such a MASSIVE LAUNDRY room!?!? Some of us DON'T have that LUXURY!!! Damn you. Also, cat messing with your washer settings. HA HA HA!! 0:52 Cat Dad. 2:10 Cat imitating your Dog. 2:41 Stantard Tred mills were made for 4 legged pets & NOT Humans! 3:18 2nd cat Dad.5:05 2 cats hiding in the nativity scene (manger scene). ^u^ 5:32 3rd Cat Dad. 6:15 Um, DUMB Humans You are supposed to LET your cat play THEMSELVES and NOT HELP them chase around a cat toy. 9:48 OKAY. SERIOUSLY concerned NOW! And TRIGGERED. PLEASE PLEASE PUT UP your VACUUMS where your CATS / PETS CAN'T REACH them!!!!!! Why does that one EVEN have a SIDE DOOR?!?!? 10:00 fourth Cat Dad. ^u^ 12:21 TRIGGERED!! YOU PEOPLE are MEAN!! DON'T stick STICKY PAPERS to your PETS paws!!!!!!! NOT FUNNY A55 H0L35!! THEY DON'T LIKE IT!!!!! AND DON'T let your cats NEAR Sticky paper!!!!!!15:00 That is what you are SUPPOSED to do! Unlike 6:15 previously.

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