The two talking cats

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Stina and Mossy usually fight instead of communicate, so this was an odd moment. They kept “talking” for about one hour, constantly.

Thanks for all the positive responses!

– Update –
Alot of questions have been asked concerning their relation to each other, gender and so on. They are not related in any way, both are females, approximately 10 years of age when this footage was taken. Mossy is the one to the left, which makes Stina the one on the right side! They are both still healthy and vigorous.

– Update –
klaatu42 has made a really nice translation that is a must see, he also has alot of other clips that are hilarious.

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The two talking cats

10 thoughts on “The two talking cats

  1. Me.


    Not you.

    Why not me?

    Hmm. My turn.

    It's me.

    I don't care. Hmm… My eyes, ow.

    Lick me?

    No, I can't. I can't see.

    You can't see?





    Mm. Mm.



    Lick me?

    Hmm, no. No. No!

    Lick me.

    Oh, all right.



  2. 2007: No!
    2008: No!
    2009: No!
    2010: No!
    2011: No!
    2012: No!
    2013: No!
    2014: No!
    2015: No!
    2016: No!
    2017: No!
    2018: No!
    2019: Maybe later… or now?

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