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10 thoughts on “vERY fUNNY cATS 11

  1. For me, it is not funny just sad, because in this song, I remember the wonderful children's years that were. Now everything is different. Everything has now fallen apart. My sister has an abnormal guy and the guy likes her and what is it supposed to be? My sister is 20 years old and I'm only 12. What is it supposed to be !!!!!!! Everything is stupid! I used to sit on a laptop and watch this movie. Now the laptop broke down and fix! Why it must have happened !!! It probably happened because my sister slept with a laptop. But why it must have happened. / In addition, I do not know what is happening to me but in 2016 when I had Windows 10, I said: '' I have a Windows 10 computer and therefore I will not go to my sister's laptop ''. And from then on I stopped walking all year long. I do not know what has happened in me then. But I will not say such words at all.

  2. This was the first video I watched on the platform. 2008 was a different time. I can’t believe it’s 2020.
    I thought this sounded like a futuristic year back in the day, but everything has evolved so naturally, that it doesn’t feel that way now.
    After 12 years, I have finally returned to this video. This is quality content, even now. It makes me miss my childhood.
    If your reading this, have a good one!

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