🍼 Newborn kitten survival guide – feeding

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Find out useful information related to newborn kitten fostering and rescue, specifically the correct position of the kitten while feeding. This will help avoiding choking on food.
Newborn kitten survival guide playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPQ09LO8CD93RCHYeGbORcXDtixeyzFAd

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🍼 Newborn kitten survival guide – feeding

10 thoughts on “🍼 Newborn kitten survival guide – feeding

  1. Sorry I cant understand the accent. You might have said in the video but what do we feed new born kittens? A wild cat from the woods just brought her kittens. Shes not taking care of them so I need to do something. I live in the deep south in the U.S. Theres no cities for hours so I cant use kitten formula or kitten milk replacer. Theres nothing like that where I live. Anything there I can give them? Thanks!

  2. My cat is new born and dont know how to drink milk on mother, how many ml I can feed and how many times

  3. Our cat gave birth to five new born baby kittens and the 5th kitten died of sickness 😢 then the 4th kitten died yesterday at the middle of the night we don't know why he died😭

  4. Hi dear can i feed the kitten Richdiet weaning food suppliment coz i dont have goats milk?

  5. Help
    I have a kitten born premature. The vet hospitals and pet shops are closed due to corona. I dont know what to do… I dont have kitten formula with me.

  6. My cat gave birth to 4 kitten but she ignores the second child (kitten) my father guess that maybe the kitten don't smell like a baby kitten anymore, and the lips of baby kitten is very dark while her siblings lips are red

  7. i found 3 newborn kittens in the street 1 dead and 2 very hungry because their mother died, i brought them and kept them hidden from my parents because they hate animals
    EDIT: 2 days have passed with very little nutrition (with cow milk) idk what to do i dont have money to buy the kitten formula, they must live! Update coming

  8. My cat was lost… and hav 4 babies
    How to feed them give me some tips…they are hungry

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