🐱 Small Kitten Is Injured | FULL EPISODE | S07E04 | Bondi Vet

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A tiny kitten has been found abandoned in a cardboard box, and Chris is shocked at the extent of her injuries. She desperately needs surgery to try to repair her shattered leg. Then it’s a heartwarming search to find her a new home.

Tim’s neighbours have found a diamond python firmly wedged half way down a drain at their home. Tim struggles to pull the slippery intruder out. He finally has to call in reinforcements to help make sure the snake is safely removed.

A husky has been rushed in to Sash after being found injured on the side of the road. The young dog is the victim of a callous hit run and is suffering severe pelvic injuries. Steve will perform marathon surgery to try to give the young dog a second chance at life.


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🐱 Small Kitten Is Injured | FULL EPISODE | S07E04 | Bondi Vet

10 thoughts on “🐱 Small Kitten Is Injured | FULL EPISODE | S07E04 | Bondi Vet

  1. I am just a random American, who got the "Broken Bunny" episode in her YouTube recommended sometime earlier this year. Now, I watch every single episode of Bondi Vet that gets posted. Normally, I'm not into shows like this, and it's weird to think that a random Australian vet show resonated with me so much. But anyone who watches this can tell everyone is so passionate about the animals that they treat and care for. It's inspiring, and it helped me through a rough first year of college. So, thank you to every vet and caretaker featured on this show, and thanks to the YouTube algorithm for finding me this little gem.

  2. when I heard them talking about the snake it reminded me of my family members that owned animals my brother Dayton has done to red tailed pythons I think my dad has had one, and my brother Alex, owned a corn snake we lost it in our house!we ended up finding the corn snake and one of our events we did get it out it was unharmed and everything was freaking big! But he indeed up having to kill it…. It tried to attack me and alex…. It's name was Spike Slytherin!!!😂 I never got to meet the other pets that my brother and my dad had I only got to meet Alex's for 2 years. I'm not sure if a red-tailed pythian is a thing or if it's venomous, but I'm pretty sure it was something about a red tail.

  3. Shame on the people leaving that poor kitten in the park

  4. May whoever hit the dog and left it to die, rot in hell

  5. We once found a kitten in the street we brought him inside and when we tried to check him he screamed. So we emediately took him to the vet (we had to give him a name for a file so I said "let's just call him fuzzy for now" to which he became fuzzy forever lol) the vet said his lower back was broken she had to give him IV fluids and she said luckily he was SO young that it could heal. As we found out later that he was thrown from a car…and his back was broken beforehand most likely to prevent him getting him out of the street. It tok at least two months before he could walk. We kept him in a large shoe box and he was always with one of us. Poor baby would drag himself out of the box when he pottied cause he didn't like being dirty so we were always cleaning him.

  6. Hi! Dr chris brown I'm from India I want to ask you something. I have 1 new born baby cat n I think she have eyes problem n from her eyes water like something come out .so can you give me some solution for it please.

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