10 thoughts on “1 Minute of kittens having a bath, what more could you want! #kitten #kittenrescue #catbath

  1. That cat looks worse than my dog when we first got him! He was infested as well, we had to bathe him a bunch, comb his fur, treat him with the best flea poisons money could acquire. So glad that’s over now

  2. Gosh, it's lucky my stray cats don't have this much fleas. I do check them every now and then and they are clear despite being outside cats.

    Maybe it's because of the hot desert sun of dubai πŸ˜‚.

  3. So good to be rid of fleas and their feces. No longer will the little felines have to suffer from these blood thirsty insects. Blessings to the loving humans who have rescued them!

  4. I could watch I doing this all day,the amount of fleas the little black and white one had was awful I bet he feels better now thankyou for caring

  5. 😱that kitty didn't have fleas… fleas had the kittyπŸ€”
    Awsome job❀

  6. WAIT WHERE IS THIS? How can there be so many kitties that need rescuing and with THAT many flees on them? We need a backstory here please

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