2022-08-02 Micro

Kittens Video Information:

Hey everyone! Remember: These are automatically generated from the Micro closeups by really dumb robots. The micros HAVE NO SOUND*. The robots compensated for this by bringing in the sound from the regular stream. The audio may be relevant, it may not. The videos are sometimes going to be relevant and sometimes not, as well. The robots automatically include every micro stream and sometimes we start one just as the kittens go away, or accidentally pocket-stream.

It is what it is, no guarantees, refunds or exchanges!

* They have no sound right now for very good technical reasons but eventually we may upgrade the robots. We’re working as fast as we can but we have lots to do!

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2022-08-02 Micro

10 thoughts on “2022-08-02 Micro

  1. Brilliant idea to have an update first thing each day.
    TopCat enjoying his special food that everykit wants a bit!
    Astro calling Mr A for a cuddle.
    Croutonlette practicing the vampire bite!

  2. The struggle to keep this strong willed family out of Spyglass' food bowl 🤣🤣🤣

  3. 😕 sound volume too low and subtitles unavailable so unable to get the updates… nevertheless LOVE you all!

  4. Sorry to say but I have no idea of what’s being said. The volume is too low and no subtitles. Have a great day.

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