24 Hours to Rescue Kittens From an Abandoned Hospital

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Update: 12/16/19:
After a few weeks of treatment for multiple parasites, the kittens were confirmed to be healthy and ready for adoption. After making them available online through our rescue, they were all adopted within a few days to loving furever families. The two tabbies were adopted together by a family who’s parents came from the same area. We think it was meant to be.

Update 12/10/19:
In October, this family of cats first came to our attention, staying in a large abandoned building, a very dangerous environment. Volunteers and rescue workers have worked hard to try to bring in the mother along with her litter of babies, but she is very trap savvy. Even with all of the TNR experience our supporting rescue group has had, she has been able to evade us within the wide expanse of the building.
We were finally able to locate the three kittens remaining in the litter and it was determined that the safest move for them would be taking them into foster care while we continued to search for the mother. When given the chance and choice, we always bring in the whole family, for their own safety. In the meantime, the building has become more dangerous and has since been condemned. We have not given up hope of finding the mother, however, and continue to work with other TNR groups to bring her in safely. As for the kittens, they are now healthy, having been vetted and vaccinated. As with all of our rescues, we will be working hard to ensure that they are adopted by appropriate, caring FURever families.

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A friend of ours recently told us about some kittens found in an abandoned hospital, so we had to go try and find them. Here is the story of their rescue! All three kittens are doing well and will be available for adoption in a few weeks once they are old enough.

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10 thoughts on “24 Hours to Rescue Kittens From an Abandoned Hospital

  1. Thanks for saving these beautiful kittens? Hopefully you were able to get the mother. Please keep doing what you can do save at risk cats and kittens! You are amazing! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Your endless bath makes me so stressful. It is dangerous to bathe a kitten for a long time. You have to clean their bodies with wet tissue when they are too young

  3. The first little baby is doing really good on that bath!! So cute! Bless you! Merry Christmas🎄💚🎁🥰👍🙏😎❗️

  4. Don't waste time with a brush for fleas. Just throw them in boiling hot water with a lot of bleach. Problem solved!

  5. Bring the mother to her kittens, she is suffering a lot with them disappearing.

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