3 Kittens Meow to Stranger for Help

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Help us human! … So glad I saw these kittens and could get them to safety, follow me on FB & IG for updates 🙂

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3 Kittens Meow to Stranger for Help

10 thoughts on “3 Kittens Meow to Stranger for Help

  1. Thank you for caring! We do kitten rescue in Nairobi. It is endless but rewarding.

  2. "Tsutsustsu" is effective for dogs, while "swswsssswssws" is very effective to cats😂

  3. They are so cute😚thanks a lot for helping them, you have a good heart☺️👍

  4. So good of you to feed a colony. Is there any way people can stop a colony from having more kittens?

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