#4-03 Momma-Cat Lily, Bottle Feeding 4 Week Old Kittens

Kittens Video Information:

This is what lunch time looks like when myself wearing my “kitten scrubs” and my assistant 9 month old kitten George are trying to manage 5 four week old kittens at lunch time bottle feeding them and spoon feeding cat food. Normally I sit on a stool and reach for them one kitten at a time BUT TODAY I thought I’d sit on the floor to CREATE a LITTLE DRAMA. Excellent idea as I think I achieved some cute entertainment.

They were all over me, crawling all up and down my body, trying to nurse on my face and George trying to keep them in line and playing with them sometimes a little on the rough side. The video has its comical and some very cute moments. I have also posted here on YouTube a video on how to or should I say, how I bath a kitten. When they have a momma that licks them clean but when they don’t you have no choice but to bath them. It wasn’t long after the video was shot that George took over the bathing and it’s so cute to see. I have posted it here on YouTube.

UPDATE: It’s June 6th now and all my little kittens have been adopted into wonderful loving homes. One lady in particular sends me pictures and videos every other day. She took Calie and Gizmo and she is amazing with them.


#4-03 Momma-Cat Lily, Bottle Feeding 4 Week Old Kittens

10 thoughts on “#4-03 Momma-Cat Lily, Bottle Feeding 4 Week Old Kittens

  1. We got 2 kittens the day they were born. They're 25 days old today and thriving!! I really admire you for handling 5 kittens!!

  2. CuΓ‘nto trabajo!
    QuΓ© habrΓ‘ pasado con la madre de los gatitos?
    Son hermosos y muy hambrientos!
    Si a las 4 semanas demandan la comida de esa manera, a las 6 o 7 semanas se la comen a la seΓ±ora! πŸ˜„πŸ˜»

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