10 thoughts on “A few minutes from life of one day old kittens

  1. Why do I feel like I'm watching Tom and Jerry with music at the beginning?

  2. I always liked Muffy's looks, but this video really shows what a pretty face she has, with the two toned nose, and the round, expressive eyes. Maybe I missed something in her earlier videos, or is motherhood just agreeing with her?

    Either way, I hope to see a few more videos of her, the other mom cats, and, of course, the sweet little ones!

  3. so adorable i died 5times befor i could comment, so cute!!!, is that dadda cat passed out at mommas feet, those kitties seem like alot to keep up with, hope dadda cat is being a good papa!.

  4. This is kinda creepy like imagine a human mom gave birth to that many babies and had the same amount of nipples as a cat, crazy.

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