A Meeting of Two Moms — (Kitten Academy Momcats “Rue” and “Mural”)

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20210925 – Patience is a virtue, especially when introducing two new momcats to each other in hopes of eventually merging their two families. Mural and Rue arrived at the Academy in August and September, respectively. Rue’s six babies were about two-weeks old when she arrived. (Class name: Rue’s Ruse). Mural gave birth to her six beauties at the Academy the day after Rue arrived. (Class name: Mural’s Tinypaints). Since these classes are so close in age, it’s just too tempting to try and combine them into one big happy coparenting family. However, this is a slow and careful process, and Mr. A is up to the challenge. Time will tell, but if anyone can persuade these two momcats to play along, it is certainly Mr. A with his ample patience and experience.

You can learn more about these two classes and view fabulous photos at these Kitten Academy link:


If you want to see more short clips of these two classes, check out these Twitter links:

(Mural’s Prenatal Belly Rubs)

(“Rue’s Little Drummer”)


(Mural & DJ)

(“Do the Hustle”)

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Original footage/images from the Kitten Academy livestream/website and used with permission.

Music by Ruby Sunrise

A Meeting of Two Moms — (Kitten Academy Momcats “Rue” and “Mural”)

10 thoughts on “A Meeting of Two Moms — (Kitten Academy Momcats “Rue” and “Mural”)

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I think we need to remember that MuMu came from a cat colony and is accustomed to living with other cats.. Also, that Rue's room has a solid door, no glass panels mean no faces looking in at her babies. All in all, it wasn't a bad interaction. If anyone can unite 2 Momcats for co-parenting, Mr A can! 😻😻

  2. Thank you for uploading this! Mural is so nonchalant about the whole thing: lick a kitten, look about, eat some food… Rue meanwhile is NOT ready for joint meals 😂 The way she immediately changes is like she's saying "I was so nice and that crook-faced tort steals my food???" I'm glad one of the little panthers was so relaxed about another mom, although I'm not shocked the tabby got scared. Compared to mom Rue, Mural is huge!

  3. This is adorable! For your next video, can you find Tomfoolery meeting Rue’s kids? I missed that on the stream and would LOVE to see it.

  4. Reminds me of Port staring in the door window at loom shortly after loom arrived at KA.
    Loom completely oblivious , but portee had a very determined look in her face 😂😂😂

  5. I loved the "Rue takes a hike, Mural takes a bite (of Rue's food)". Mr A handled it splendidly!

  6. Mr A is a tsch man and will always be a tech man thus he says reboot, starting over again. Reboot, don't you just love his humour and personality. The cats are pretty cool too. I'm sure Rue and Mural will end up being friends though I'm not too sure about co-parenting the two classes. Still always great to watch the goings on at Kitten Academy.

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